6 Reasons why you should try e-cigarette liquid flavors with no nicotine

When people hear the term vaping, they usually associate it with nicotine consumption. The fact of the matter is that this is not always the case. Although nicotine and vaping sure work well together, a person does not require nicotine to vape. Many people are increasingly embracing e-cigarette liquid flavors with no nicotine. In this article, we will breakdown the important information you should know about this trend, let you know who is doing it, their reasons for this preference, and the benefits of vaping without nicotine.

How to get started using e-cigarette liquid flavor no nicotine to vape

Most vaping products suppliers sell e-liquid juices with a non-nicotine option. If you want to get rid of your nicotine habit, we recommend that you do this slowly instead of jumping straight to zero-nicotine juices. Stopping nicotine consumption suddenly can cause various side effects including nausea, sweating, and headaches. E-liquids come in various nicotine level content. You can lower nicotine consumption by switching to a lower amount until you reach your target or go nicotine-free.

So, why should you vape without nicotine? Although vaping has its own issues, it is by far healthier compared to cigarette smoking. On its own, nicotine without the chemicals contained in traditional cigarettes is not harmful. The only problem with switching to e-cigarette liquid flavors no nicotine vaping occurs if you were already addicted to nicotine –you were a traditional cigarette smoker. Nicotine-free vaping will make you feel unsatisfied and may lead you back to cigarette smoking. In this case, we recommend that you continue vaping with nicotine.

If you are not addicted to nicotine but want to vape, then nicotine-free vaping can be a good idea for you. You will also be less likely to be addicted to vaping if it is something you want to avoid as well. However, you can still get mentally addicted to vaping even without nicotine in your e-juice. There are people who just crave the hand to mouth action or the feeling of inhaling and exhaling steam clouds. The beneficial angle of this vaping aspect is that it can be used to treat traditional smokers to quit smoking. 

Reasons people are adopting e-cigarette liquid flavor no nicotine vaping

Nicotine-free e-liquid is non-toxic: non-nicotine liquid is made from food-grade ingredients that pose no threat in case of a spill or bottle getting into the wrong hands.

Zero risks of addiction: zero nicotine e-liquid does not have any addictive substance that can make you addicted to vaping.

It does not show up on nicotine tests: nicotine-free e-liquid will not show up during urine tests required by insurance companies or some employers.

Allow you to take a nicotine break and still vape: with zero nicotine e-liquid, you give yourself a break from nicotine but continue vaping.

Smooth on the throat: whereas you can feel nicotine in your body especially throat hit as you vape, zero nicotine e-liquid is smooth and barely felt as it goes down. You can enjoy the warmth, flavor, and still blow out clouds without the tickling and irritating nicotine sensation on the throat.

Zero nicotine vape juice is drug-free: if you want to vape without involving any drug, you can do so with nicotine-free vape juice. 

What types of people are ideal for zero nicotine vaping?

If you are currently smoking, you can break the nicotine addiction by weaning your way down from high to lower nicotine levels until you no longer need nicotine. If you have never been a smoker but love to vape, e-cigarette liquid flavors no nicotine vaping is a good start. Other ideal people include those who like to vape socially, people who like to do vape cloud tricks, and those that enjoy vape juice flavor.

To sum it all, many vapers choose to go nicotine-free vaping because they are trying to end nicotine addiction or they do not want to get addicted to it. The great thing about e-cigarette liquid flavors no nicotine vaping is that you have the freedom of doing what you love while vaping. At flavora, we host a wide selection of vape products and e-liquid flavors. Check out some of the ingredients at flavorah.com and start making your DIY vape juices today. 

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