Bad Apple E-Liquid by Bad Drip Salts Review

Bad Apple by Bad Drip Salts is the ultimate e-juice for apple lovers. This vape juice is a blend of ripe red and green apple flavor. Although there are many apple e-juice flavors on the market, Bad Apple is also one of the best nic salt e-liquids around if you’re looking for an apple vape liquid. This e-juice will appeal to vapers who enjoy apple blends. Bad Apple is the kind of e-juice ideal for vaping during autumn. The taste is rich and natural so you won’t quickly get tired of how it tastes.

Bad Apple by Bad Drip Salts gives you the sweet taste of ripe apples on the inhale. On the exhale, the tangy and crispy red and green apple flavor becomes more noticeable. This is a refreshing e-liquid. It is incredibly delicious.

Bad Apple by Bad Drip Salts is produced with high-quality ingredients including Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG). This apple vape juice comes with 50/50 percent VG and PG.

Bad Apple by Bad Drip Salts contains premium nic salts in different strength levels. You can choose either 10mg or 20mg of nicotine. Since Bad Apple contains nicotine salt it is best to vape it using low-wattage devices.

Bad Apple by Bad Salts comes in 10ml bottles. You will get the best price for this e-juice when you buy from Vape Green. You can buy a bottle of this vape juice from this UK vape store for £4.99.

Vape Green is one of the best stores in the UK offering great deals on e-liquids. This vape shop has a collection of some of the best nicotine salts flavors on the market. Besides e-liquids, Vape Green also other vaping accessories and products like vape kits, tanks, coils, pods, batteries, wire, and cotton.

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