Banana Ice Disposable Device by Elf Bar Review

Disposable devices have now become a mainstay in the vaping market. This is not just because of their affordable price tag, but also because of their stressless nature. With a disposable, you don’t have to worry about filling ejuice or forgetting to recharge. There is no need to even get your hands dirty changing coils and running routine maintenance. Once the device has been used up, you simply dispose of it. The best part is that with a high-quality disposable, you can enjoy decent and satisfying vape experiences even in times of emergency. 

In this article, we look at one of the promising additions to the vaping market, the Banana Ice Disposable Device by Elf Bar.

In the box

  • 1 x ELF BAR Disposable Vape 

Design and Build Quality 

At first glance, you really get to appreciate the design of the Elf Bar disposable vape bars. The device is compact and pocket-friendly so you would not have any issues carrying it around with you, and even popping it out for quick drags. 

The device comes ready to be vaped straight out of the box. This is because, like many other disposable vape devices, the Elf Bar disposable utilizes a draw-activated firing mechanism. Simply place the mouthpiece in your mouth and take a nice long drag.

Speaking of the mouthpiece, Elf Bar designed a rather ergonomic duck-bill-shaped mouthpiece. This way, it feels very comfortable when you place it in your mouth, even when you are vaping continuously.

Inside the device is a precharged 500mAh battery and a 2ml ejuice tank pre-filled with the banana ice ejuice formula. Together, the disposable vape bar will produce around 550 to 600 puffs which is enough for well over a day’s worth of vaping, although this greatly depends on how much you vape. 

The device features an LED battery life indicator so you are not left in the dark, especially when you plan to step out with the device.

Flavor Profile

When you go in for the inhale, you are rewarded with a blend of nutty and creamy smooth banana that is sure to excite your taste buds. The delicious flavor is then complemented by a touch of cooling ice on the exhale that sums it all up in one refreshing and fruity vape experience that never gets old. 

Other than this Banana Ice flavor, the Elf bar disposable also comes in a variety of other flavor combinations that would tickle your fancy. 

Nicotine Concentrations

The Banana Ice Disposable Device by Elf Bar comes with a high-quality 20mg salt nicotine formula that makes for a smooth and satisfying vape. If you are looking for a way to quench your nicotine cravings with strong and solid hits, then salt nicotine is your best bet. The best part is that, unlike freebase nicotine, you would not have to bother about harshness in your throat while you vape. 


The Elf Bar disposable is a mouth-to-lug device and it does a good job at mimicking the style of smoking. This makes it ideal for ex-smokers looking to transition. It is a beginner-friendly device that can keep you vaping for a while, and coupled with the handy LED battery life indicator, you no longer have to end up with an empty tank right in the middle of a journey. That allows you to stash up so you are always prepared. 


Overall the Elf Bar disposable vape device is a smart and lightweight device that delivers just as you would expect. The Banana ICe flavor is also rather delicious especially if you are a fan of the fruity blends. If you fancy simplicity in your vaping, then a disposable like this should be what you are looking for. You can buy the Banana Ice Disposable Device by Elf Bar on for £4.99.

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