How to choose the right e-liquid flavors you can vape whole day

E-liquids are available in a wide variety of flavors.  E-liquid flavors are the most essential element of vaping as it increases the desire to vape. Most people like a delightful flavor that never gets them tired, doesn’t matter how much they vape. Finding a special e juice with amazing flavor is not that easy. There’s a massive range of flavors!

The most important thing to be considered while buying e-liquid is the flavor. All the elements such as PG/VG, nicotine strength, and vapor production are perfect, but you don’t like the e-liquid flavor. It is sure, you are not going to use the e-liquid you don’t like. E-liquids come in different flavors that you could think of like candy, food, cocktails, and even tobacco blends. Most newbies choose tobacco blends that match with the flavor of their favorite traditional cigarettes. Most e-liquid manufactures are aware of this, so they introduce various tobacco blends that closely resembles the taste of popular cigarette brands.

Some vapers like to try different flavors such as fruit or food blends. Food flavors such as cake, wafer or pizza, and fruity flavors like watermelon, grape, and mango are widely preferred flavors. Mixed blend e-liquids are also available, for instance, food, fruit, and tobacco flavors mix to make a new amazing flavor. Alcohol inspired flavors such as brandy, beer, and wine are widely available in the market. If you are new to vaping, choose an e-liquid flavor you are sure you will like. Once you are used to vaping, you can start tasting a variety of other e-liquid flavors.   

Doesn’t matter what e-liquid flavor suits your taste bud, there is an e-liquid that is perfect for you. Choosing an e-liquid flavor form the massive list is quite challenging. However, it seems almost impossible to choose a flavor exactly of your taste from thousands of flavors and hundreds of brands. Not only the e-liquid flavor but also the different VG/PG ratios and nicotine levels also will confuse new vapers.      

There are hundreds of e-liquid brands are available in the market today. Only a few manufactures introduce amazing e-liquid flavors frequently. New flavors formulas are introduced to the market after constant researches which is an important process for the major e-liquid brands. Most brands conduct flavor research for finding the new flavors that vapers love. Once they are clear about the new flavor they have to create, their chemists start combining several flavors and come up with a new mouthwatering formula. There are several rounds of testing before it hits the market.    

Which are better blends or single flavors?  Both types are very popular among the vapors around. Standard flavors like strawberry or vanilla are the best of the new vapers. At the same time, some vapers are interested in blends to vape all day long. All the e-liquid flavors are food-grade, but all the food-grade flavors are not safe for vaping. Some ingredients in some food-grade flavors are not suitable for vaporization. Therefore, it is a must to buy e-liquids form an established seller like for e-liquids with lab-certified food-grade flavors. Flavorah offers a massive array of e-liquids at a competitive price.

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