How Tobacco Without Nicotine Might Just Be The Best Thing Yet

Smoking is practice that has continued to prevail in many countries across the globe, and although there are tons of negative side effects, most smokers still have a hard time giving it up. Manufacturers have come up with several ways to help smokers curb the habit, especially with regards to giving up nicotine since that is one of the major addictive components. TAAT is one of such manufacturers with a rather unique solution, something that could disrupt the tobacco market in an unexpected way. 

Ever heard of Beyond Nicotine? Chances are that you are just hearing about it now. Beyond Nicotine is a phrase adopted by TAAT to describe their patented zero tobacco and zero nicotine product. The product is designed to deliver everything you know and love about the smoking cigarettes, from the crackling sound of the material as it burns to the smoky tobacco-like smell filling up your nostrils, the taste of tobacco all the way down to the fickling of ash. 

Rather than call them cigarettes or hemp cigarettes, the manufacturers preferred to just stick with the name TAAT since they are pretty unique. TAATs are made from CBD-rich Hemp. The whole process starts by selecting the hemp from American farmers. Only hemp that meets the TAAT specifications is selected and processed at their Las Vegas facility in order to remove any debris from the field or during harvesting. The end result of this is a clean, homogeneous raw product that has a uniform moisture content. 

After this, the hemp material is then milled to achieve a uniform consistency, then it is finally ready for the treatment where a proprietary additive is blended into the mixture at up to 5%. The hemp is combined with trade secret ingredients and processed using a signature method that ensures it comes out tasting, smelling, and exhibiting other properties of tobacco.

TAAT nicotine free cigarettes contain 25mg of CBD with less than 0.2% of THC.

TAATs are available in three flavors: Original, Smooth, and Menthol. Each of them is designed to deliver a similar experience to some of the tobacco cigarettes that you already know.

  • TAAT Original: This original version has a robust and bold flavor that would excite your taste buds. If you like cigarettes like Marlboro Red, Winston, or American Spirit Blue, then you would love this flavor.
  • TAAT Smooth: If you fancy lighter-tasting cigarettes like Marlboro Gold, American Spirit Yellow, or Pall Mall Blue, then this soft and smooth flavor would suit you just fine.
  • TAAT Menthol: Everyone loves a good menthol flavor. If this is also true for you, then you would get a good kick from the minty freshness of this version. It will appeal to people who like cigarettes like Newport, Marlboro Menthol, and Kool cigarettes.

TAATs are packaged like your average cigarette in a flip-open box containing 20 sticks. A single pack is selling for $6.99 on their official website, and you can as well find it in convenience stores. They also offer a free pack when you buy from their website. You simply need to use the promo code “FREEPACK” when you checkout. 

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