What Should You Know Before Creating Your Own Vaping Juice

One of the disadvantages of vaping is the price of e-liquid. A sub-ohm setup makes it easy to burn 10mL per day. Such costs can increase your budget. This is particular to the fans of premium and expensive brands of e-liquids. If you are one of them, you are narrowing your options. This may be the time to think thoroughly and see other non-existent profiles such as a watermelon custard or pineapple tobacco vape juice.

Or you end up in a vape store that does not have the nicotine level of your choice. This leaves you blank or purchase what you do not need. Do not worry. You can solve all these problems. Just create your own vaping juice!

What is Vape Juice?

Vape juice has three main elements. This includes base liquid of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG), nicotine, and flavor concentrates. You do not need to mix all of these. You can create a nicotine-free e-liquid or an unflavored one. It depends on your preference. This may sound massive. But this is even easy to make. Having an advanced degree in chemistry is not necessary. You can mix your own cocktail.

What are the Steps?

You first secure the necessary supplies to make e-liquids at home. Next, you need to experiment with some recipes that were proven and tested. We will cover a simple guide on how to make premium homemade vaping juice for everyone. You will learn what you need to mix the products and materials you need to create your own e-liquid.

What You Need

#1 Base Liquid

The components with the utmost importance in the vaping juice are VG and PG. You can premix a ratio of 50/50 or 70/30 of this base liquid. It can produce an unflavored e-liquid without nicotine. To complete the proportion of vape juice, it is better to buy 1L VG and 500mL PG. This makes you easily change it if in case you need to do so.

#2 Water-Soluble Flavor Concentrates

When you vape, you taste something. This is where the water-soluble flavor concentrates come in. You can choose many various concentrates at https://flavorah.com. This allows you to combine each one to create a series of your own unique recipes.

You can also purchase one-shots. These are already pre-mixed in several flavors. You can start here since you’re still new. Some manufacturers of vape juices sell their own collections of one-shot concentrates.

#3 Nicotine

This ingredient is completely optional. You purchase the strength of the nicotine depending on the desired nicotine content. For beginners, 100mL of nicotine in a 36 or 48mg bottle is enough. Nicotine is usually suspended in PG solutions. But you can find different ratios in many vaping stores.

Use caution when you handle them and store nicotine. The effect is similar to poison. Nicotine tends to increase. But the release of large amounts of nicotine can cause problems. Keep nicotine out of the reach of children.

#4 Bottles

There are two kinds of bottles to prepare. (1) Storage bottles. You will need this bottle to keep your base liquid. It should have nozzle tips and you can squeeze it. This build is convenient to add the ingredient. We recommend a few 100mL bottles. Use amber or cobalt bottles for nicotine. Dark colors and hard glass delay the deterioration of nicotine.

(2) Bottles for vape juice. For the first experiment, select 10mL plastic bottles with your test recipes. You purchase 60mL bottles for mass production of your favorite homemade e-juice. They are cheap and widely used.

#5 Containers

For mass production, you may invest in one or more graduated cylinders or beakers. You do not need them right away for your own homemade e liquid recipes. But they may be useful in preventing cross-contamination. A good example is the limited number of syringes used. If you use the same syringe for nicotine and flavor, you could contaminate several bottles to another if you are not cautious.

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